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My Little Vine 2016

For the eight year, I have been tracking the evolution of this little vine in "Les Echezeaux". Today, I post those observations, with many others, on my Instagram account. Do not hesitate to compare to the previous years to see the impact of the weather: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

26/10/2016 26 octobre 2016

Wednesday October 26
My little vine is so wonderful this fall, I cannot resist showing you its colors. Denis already took care of picking the dead vines, to help the soil regenerate this winter, and be ready for the young vines I will plant next spring. At the first frost, it will loose its leaves. Now she stores energy: her secret for a good start in a few months!

16/09/2016 16 septembre2016

Friday September 16
Yesterday, we brutally switched from unexpected July like weather to September: finally, a bit od rain, and more importantly, 10 degrees less. I can again manually trim the leaves which allows to let air circulate better and to remove secondary stems and verjuices. The grapes are almost ready to be harvested, I'll just give them a bit more time to round the tannins...

26/08/2016 26 août 2016

Friday August 26
My little vine has resisted frost and hail, and now the scorching heat at the end of August. But she takes it in stride. I'm glad to have delayed the last trimming of the leaves. Nothing better than its own shade to protect its grapes!

17/08/2016 17 août 2016

Wednesday August 17
The veraison of my little vine has begun well, thanks to the nice weather in August. And we remain optimistic: the weather forecast is encouraging. We expect the beginning of the harvest at the very end of September, as the flowers tend to indicate. But they will most likely be spread on more days than usually, the parcels that suffered frost being late.

27/07/2016 27 juillet 2016

Wednesday 27 July
My little vine is finally enjoying a pleasant weather. It escaped mildew, as much as she could, with a few "feathers" ruffled... Now the few berries left are nicely growing. We wish her a pleasant August.

06/07/2016 6 juillet 2016

Wednesday 6 July
My little vine shows a few traces of downy mildew attack, but it is fighting well, and the berries are growing. The danger is still there as powdery mildew can come next, with the relatively cool nights. And hail is still a threat until harvest time. Nevertheless, hopes remain at the domaine Naudin !

27/06/2016 27 juin 2016

Monday 27 June
My little vine has bloomed! Who could have imagined? Thanks to two nice days last week, it has rather well developed. But the rot keeps bugging me and it is not over yet. So I take the best care I can of her.
And I am still a believer !

08/06/2016 9 juin 2016

Thursday 9 June
Almost one month since my last posting. Like my little vine, I was paralyzed. But since the last few days, thanks to a few warm and sunny days, it has started to grow again, and will give me some grapes, a very pleasant surprise. The old aligoté vines are those that have the hardest time. I keep hoping for the best, a stem saved here and there: I have learnt to tone down my expectations!

16/05/2016 16 mai 2016

Monday 16 May

My little vine is harnessing all her energy to grow, in spite of the frost, the cold that does not end, the treatening hail... We are worried: how to protect the few remaining branches? But we need to remain hopeful and think ahead at 2017.

04/05/2016 04 mai 2016

Wednesday 4 May

My little vine has been attacked by a late frost. In the Echezeaux maybe 5 à 10 % of the buds are untouched. In other parcels, there is less damage, so we remain hopeful and seek advice from our elders. They know how to manage this. And hte younger vitners are suddenly feeling old... In a few days, I'll post an update on the home page. I'll wait for the expected nicer weather to see what can still grow.

25/04/2016 25 avril 2016

Monday April 25

My little vine is slowly growing, in spite of the low temperatures, the rain, and the frost. Like all the other wine producers, I am worried: this cold weather is forecasted to last until May 5. Our vines are very sensitive to the morning frost as the buds have started to grow. My thoughts to my friends in Maconnais and Beaujolais who saw hail on their parcels. 2016 is beginning with a very unusual weather pattern. Let's keep our spirit high !

13/04/2016 13 avril 2016

Wednesday April 13

We folded the stems. It was almost overdue: albeit the temperature was low, the buds were beginning to swell. The grass is growing and growing, and with the frequent raining, not easy to work in the vineyard. Weed eater work ahead. Just what my back asked for...

03/04/2016 3 avril 2016

Sunday April 3

Rain is falling regularly. We have trimmed my little vine and will tie the stems next week. The temperature remains low, and the buds are barely growing. After fearing, in February, for a precocious start and an August harvest, maybe a slow year after all?

17/03/2016 17 mars 2016

Thursday 17 mars

Jerome has scratched the top cover. With the warmer weather expected we must be ready. Otherwise, the grass will grow, grow, and allow to retain a wet surrounding which increases the risk of frost damage. So we work the soil to avoid this as much as possible. It is the right moment: the weather is dry