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My Little Vine 2017

For the eight year, I have been tracking the evolution of this little vine in "Les Echezeaux". Do not hesitate to compare to the previous years to see the impact of the weather: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

31/07/2017 31 juillet 2017

Monday Jumy 31
And 2 weeks later, the colors are reversed. It is not uniformly colored, but the "veraison" (turning of the colors) is progressing as expected. My little vine is healthy, so I'm optimistic!

14/07/2017 14 juillet 2017

Friday July 14
The first berries have turned, the "veraison". It confirms my forecast for an early September harvest. If the weather is nice: hail has striken our friends in Beaujolais. Our labor is so dependent on Nature...

27/06/2017 27 June 2017

Monday June 27
We are at the grape closure stage: the berries are large enough to be in contact with each other. That is it! We are definitively in a precocious year. And the light rain announced this week will do good to my little vine...

14/06/2017 14 juin 2017

Wednesday June 14
My little vine continues to grow at an amazing rate, with the perfect weather conditions we enjoy. The flower has disappeared and the berries are swelling quickly. With the continuing nice weather ahead, we see the harvest coming sooner and sooner, probably early September...

01/06/2017 1er juin 2017

Thursday June 1st
A real treat to find this bird nest that I had seen being built during the budding period. A great opportunity to announce that my little vine is in full bloom! I'm so happy to see it grow well, with an abundant sunshine... A thought for all those that suffer the late frost attacks this year: we will not let them down!

19/05/2017 May 19, 2017

Friday May 19
Disbudding is over now in my little vine. I'm thrilled to see it grow so well, after all it went throught last year... It is not that tall yet, and storms are expected tonight. So I lift it up: two lifting wires to maintain the new stems still fragile, and avoid wind damages

03/05/2017 3 May 2017

Wednesday May 3
To this day, my little vine has not suffered from the frost. But this morning, the temperature is only 1°C / 34°F in Magny. Has the danger really disappeared? We are wondering... In any case, so far we have been very lucky, only 2ha have frozen at the domain this year. And our thoughts go to our friends who have lost everything, sometimes for the second year in a row.

13/04/2017 13 avril 2017

Jeudi 13 avril
My little vine is ready to grow. Denis has used the inter-vine plow to remove grass in the row, and I finished folding the stems. This morning, April 20, we had a frost attack. Apparently no damages. To be followed...

29/03/2017 29 march 2017

Wednesday March 29
My little vine is feeling good. Denis scratched the top soil and I began to bend the stems. It is time, the buds are already swelling... Boarmias, caterpillars that look like small stems, numerous in the area, enjoy snacking on my little vine buds.

11/03/2017 11 march 2017

Saturday March 11
My little vine has just been pruned. The woods are now on the ground in windrow, ready to be mulched in site to enrich the soil. Next, we will attach the canes, which gives me the opportunity to occasionally shorten one that is too long. Then we will allow Spring to do its work, although the sap appears to be ready to move up...!

18/02/2017 18 february 2017

Saturday February 18
My little vine is quietly waking up after the winter. We will begin the cane pruning with a new approach. Denis will crunch the cut canes with a new tool. It will ease the tilting as long canes can block the plow! We will see if this new approach is worth the effort
In the background, on the left, the Clos Vougeot